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I've had the opportunity to cover numerous Sacramento Kings events and games for in the New York City area, including the NBA Draft and Rookie Photo Shoot over the last two years. As the Fan Correspondent, I've continued to share my thoughts and observations, while also providing features with past and present team legends.

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07/17/2012:  D-Block's Renewed Outlook
07/03/2012:  Can't Stop Me
06/28/2012:  T-Rob Driven By Tireless Work Ethic
06/27/2012:  Top Prospects See Fit With Kings
05/31/2012:  Scenes From the Draft Lottery
05/24/2012:  Cousins Joins Exclusive Company
05/07/2012:  Kings Players Reveal Offseason Plans
05/03/2012:  Closer Look: Slamson
04/27/2012:  2011-12 Kings Season Review
04/20/2012:  Fans Near, Far Share Kings Story
04/05/2012:  Closer Look: The Real T-Will
04/04/2012:  Closer Look: Jimmer's Off-Court Routine
03/23/2012:  Closer Look: Isaiah's Case for ROY
03/12/2012:  Making of: Kings Logo / Team Colors
03/08/2012:  Capital City Connection
02/25/2012:  East All-Stars Dish on DeMarcus, Isaiah and More
02/25/2012:  West All-Stars Assess the Kings
02/24/2012:  DMC Eyes Future All-Star Bid
02/24/2012:  Cousins Earns High Praise From Fellow Rising Stars
02/22/2012:  Origin on Kings' Players Nicknames Revealed
02/16/2012:  Jimmer Reflects on NY Return
02/13/2012:  The Evolution of JT
02/06/2012:  First-Year Stars Making Case for Rookie Game
01/17/2012:  A Timeout With Tank
01/12/2012:  No. 22 Soars Above Skeptics
01/06/2012:  Overcoming Obstacles Nothing New for Hayes
12/24/2011:  2011-12 Kings Season Preview
12/21/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Hassan Whiteside
12/21/2011:  Past, Present, Future: J.J. Hickson
12/21/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Francisco Garcia
12/21/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Jason Thompson
12/21/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Donte Greene
12/21/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Travis Outlaw
12/13/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Jimmer Fredette
12/13/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Isaiah Thomas
12/13/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Tyler Honeycutt
12/13/2011:  Past, Present, Future: John Salmons
12/13/2011:  Past, Present, Future: DeMarcus Cousins
12/13/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Tyreke Evans
12/12/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Chuck Hayes
12/12/2011:  Past, Present, Future: Marcus Thornton
10/14/2011:  Eddie Johnson Reflects on Kings Days
09/14/2011:  Remembering Tizzy and His Trademark Smile
07/22/2011:  C-Webb's Signature Moment
06/24/2011:  Rookies Ready to Shine in Sac
06/22/2011:  Rising Stars Praise Sacramento
06/22/2011:  Closer Look:  Sacramento's History with Lucky No. 7
05/18/2011:  Behind-the-Scenes at the NBA Draft Lottery
04/18/2011:  DeMarcus Cousins Assesses First Year Campaign
03/31/2011:  Kings Rookies Reveal First-Year Duties
03/10/2011:  Thornton Continues to Thrive
03/03/2011:  Taylor Stepping Up as Starter
02/19/2011:  Current and Former Stars Praise DeMarcus
02/19/2011:  DeMarcus Dominates Rookie Challenge
02/18/2011:  Rookies, Sophomores Prep for Showdown
02/11/2011:  Kings Share Valentine's Day Secrets
01/26/2011:  A Year After Making History, Omri's Ascent Continues
01/18/2011:  An Inside Look at the Kings Six-Game Road Trip
01/05/2011:  Fan Blog: Buzzer-Beaters, DMC, Omri and Swat
12/22/2010:  Greene Uprising
11/24/2010:  Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Others
11/04/2010:  Common Interests Unite Young Kings
10/22/2010:  Is DMC Destined for Historic Rookie Campaign?
10/14/2010:  Get to Know the Landrys
10/05/2010:  Introducing's Fan Correspondent
08/18/2010:  Kings Rookies Shine in Front of Cameras
06/23/2010:  Prospects See Great Opportunity with Kings

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