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Blogcritics is an online magazine that features a community of great writers from all over the world.  And me.  In addition to contributing to, I write a feature called "When Kingdom Come," where I discuss my undying love of the Sacramento Kings and detail my experiences as a displaced fan on the east coast.

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My Articles

 07/16/2012:  Sacramento Kings Add James Johnson and Aaron Brooks
 05/15/2012:  Kings' Isaiah Thomas Finishes 7th on Rookie of the Year Ballot
 03/19/2012:  Kings Waive J.J. Hickson
 03/02/2012:  Kings' Isaiah Thomas Is Mr. Relevant
 02/07/2012:  How Sacramento's Jimmer Fredette Got His Groove Back
 12/27/2011:  A Rivalry Renewed?
 11/28/2011:  Sacramento Kings Look to Party Like It's 1999
 09/23/2011:  Sacramento Kings Rookies Impress in Jimmer's All-Star Game
 08/22/2011:  Kingdom Interviews: Jason Thompson (Part II)
 08/19/2011:  1-on-5: Sacramento Kings 2011-12 Preview
 08/18/2011:  Kings' Jason Thompson, Camden Riversharks Host Fundraiser
 06/30/2011:  Sacramento Kings Deal Omri Casspi for J.J. Hickson
 05/31/2011:  A Ring for a (Former) King
 05/04/2011:  Back to the Future for the Sacramento Kings
 02/23/2011:  Kings Swap Landry for Marcus Thornton
 02/01/2011:  Cousins and Dalembert Lead Kings' Charge
 01/19/2011:  Kings of Chemistry
 12/16/2010:  Kingdom Interviews: Scott Howard-Cooper
 12/08/2010:  A Kingdom In Disarray
 11/29/2010:  Kingdom Interview: Marty McNeal
 11/08/2010:  Donté Can't Get the Greene Light
 10/12/2010:  Here We Roar: Kings Predictions for 2010
 09/17/2010:  Pride and Prejudice: Omri Casspi Mural Defaced
 09/03/2010:  Kings Come to a Head
 08/27/2010:  Tyreke Evans' Suspension Isn't Up to Speed
 08/19/2010:  Cousins and Whiteside Crown the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
 08/10/2010:  It's Good To Be A Kings Fan
 07/28/2010:  Undrafted Rookies Fit for Sacramento Kings
 07/23/2010:  All Wright for the Kings?
 07/21/2010:  Summer Leaguers Make Case for Sacramento Kings
 07/19/2010:  Jon Brockman Bucks the Trend
 07/15/2010:  Cousins and Brothers in NBA Summer League
 07/08/2010:  A Summer League of Their Own
 06/30/2010:  Kings Won't Let Their Guard Down
 06/25/2010:  Kings Get Big with Cousins and Whiteside
 06/17/2010:  A Dalembert Market for the Kings
 06/17/2010:  Kingdom Interviews: NBA Draft Preview with Jason Jones
 06/09/2010:  Heed a Turkoglu Trade
 06/01/2010:  Would Shaq Court the Sacramento Queens?
 05/24/2010:  The Fifth Element: Why Mitch Richmond Should Be in the Hall of Fame
 05/11/2010:  Would Stan Van Gundy Have Been Magical for the Kings? 
 05/03/2010:  Free Agent Royalties
 04/26/2010:  Kingdom Interviews: Scot Pollard
 04/16/2010:  A Season Fit for the Kings
 04/12/2010:  Rocket Science? Kevin Martin Returns to Sacramento
 04/05/2010:  Landry and Thompson Start From Scratch
 03/29/2010:  Kingdom Interviews: Jon Brockman
 03/22/2010:  Head Games: Should the Kings Shut Down Evans?
 03/18/2010:  Reservations About Udrih and Hawes
 03/11/2010:  Tyreke Evans' Crowning Achievement
 03/02/2010:  Westphal Makes No Small Forward Progress
 02/25/2010:  The Kenny Thomas Crown Affair
 02/18/2010:  Rocket Man: Kevin Martin Traded to Houston
 02/15/2010:  Kingdom Interviews: Jason Jones
 02/10/2010:  Omri Casspi Talks Jewish Heritage
 02/04/2010:  Webber and Evans Shoot for the Stars
 02/03/2010:  The Case for Spanish Chocolate
 01/29/2010:  Kingdom Interviews:  Donté Greene
 01/27/2010:  Painting The All-Star Weekend Purple
 01/21/2010:  Hawes and Effect of Different Starting Lineups
 01/11/2010:  Complimentary Stay at the Hilton
 01/06/2010:  A Night in the Kings' Court
 12/22/2009:  The Cardiac Kings
 12/09/2009:  Turning Over to Andre Miller
 11/17/2009:  Kings Going Home Again
 11/06/2009:  It's Time To Trade Kevin Martin
 10/24/2009:  Some Thing Will Never Change
 10/01/2009:  Kingdom Interviews: Sam Amick (Part II)
 09/29/2009:  Kingdom Interviews: Sam Amick (Part I)
 09/08/2009:  A Royal Treasure: My Sacramento Kings Artifacts
 08/28/2009:  An International Monarcy
 07/31/2009:  Return of the Kings
 07/21/2009:  No May-Jor Upgrade
 07/10/2009:  Kingdom Interviews: Zach Harper
 06/26/2009:  The Evans-escene of Draft Night
 06/10/2009:  Westphal Gets the Throne
 06/03/2009:  Lakers-Magic NBA Finals Predictions
 05/30/2009:  No Choice But to Move Forward
 05/16/2009:  Crowning a New Guard
 05/06/2009:  Kingdom Interviews: Tom Ziller
 05/01/2009   King-Sized Draft Mistakes
 04/26/2009:  Steady Bench Mobbin'
 04/18/2009   Don't Discount K-Mart
 04/10/2009:  Artest-ed Development
 04/03/2009:  On Bended Knee: Remembering Chris Webber
 03/28/2009:  Robert Horry Still Owes Me $300